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KC Carlson by Stuart Immonen

A KC COLUMN by KC Carlson


Young Justice #14

Young Justice #14 — This is rather a bit of coincidence here. I spent much of last weekend reading (aka “catching up on”) DC’s question Comics titles, of which young Justice is one. (Even if previous versions of the title preceded when question Comics was born. That’s a long story, as well as I’m already noticing people nodding off. particularly Roger…)

This problem is rather special in one more way. It’s bringing in the characters from the other question Comics titles — including Dial H for Hero, the question Twins, Naomi, as well as the entire young Justice roster. (I presume amethyst is included, even if she just recently got her own new solo title!) This is by Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, David F. Walker, as well as Mike Grell. Grell seems like an strange “wild card” for this title, so perhaps something else weird is going on here… (Teen Warlord? eco-friendly Arrow Lad? youngster legion of Super-Heroes?) (Thought I failed to remember that he drew LSH when upon a time, didn’t you?)

Also in this issue: exactly how will Superman exposing his trick identity impact Connor Kent? fascinating question…

Mister miracle by Steve Englehart & Steve Gerber

Mister miracle by Steve Englehart & Steve Gerber — This is one of Roger’s favorites! (Mine also!) three years after Jack Kirby wrapped up his long run on the getaway artist character he created, the two above-mentioned writers took over the series, composing 11 outstanding problems of Mister miracle (1971, 1st Series) #19-25, The take on as well as the strong #112, #128, as well as #138, as well as DC Comics provides (1978, #12). helping them were writer Bob Haney, with artists Marshall Rogers, Vince Colletta, Rick Bryant, John Fuller, Michael Golden, Joe Giella, Russ Heath, Jim Aparo, Richard Buckler, as well as Dick Giordano! It’s been stated that all of these excellent creators truly added to Kirby’s lore of the characters by providing extra background detail to Kirby’s core history. as well as you’ll see that right here in this new 216-page hardcover volume, with the return of many of the core Apokolips villians, in addition to Scott Free’s (Mister Miracle’s genuine name) close good friends as well as quirky foes!

Mister miracle #24

During the series run, the fourth world elements of the series at first introduced by Kirby largely fell by the wayside in favor of more traditional superhero action. There were several team-ups with Batman (mostly in The take on as well as the Bold). Also, when the series was (again) cancelled with problem #25, a number of storylines were left unresolved. even with the series collected right here cancelled prematurely, Mister miracle (and his partners huge Barda as well as Oberon – who generally pretended to be Scott’s uncle) returned once again as well as again, ultimately ending up being included with the likewise weirdly quirky Justice league worldwide series. (If you haven’t already, you should likewise inspect out that often goofy series.)

There were likewise many attempts to revive the Mister miracle series. most recently, one more quirky fan-favorite writer — Tom King — stepped in to compose a 12-issue restricted series in 2017-2018.

If you like oddball superhero comics, Mister Miracle’s many different runs should provide you with much fun as well as excitement! After you sample Kirby for the basics, don’t fail to remember to pick up this new Mister miracle by Steve Englehart & Steve Gerber hardcover! You won’t be sad!

Aquaman giant #3

Aquaman giant #3 — Wayne Markley has been mentor me about this almost trick cult of Giant-Size (100 pages!) DC comics! at first created as well as sold at Wal-Mart stores, these 100-page giants are a wonderful blend of new as well as reprint material — both of good/great high quality — as well as now offered with comic shops. Here’s what this week’s Aquaman giant #3 contains:

New Material: Aquaman as well as Tempest race to stop an enraged monster that has escaped its wonderful tomb under the city of new York. By writer Steve Orlando as well as artists Ken Marion as well as Sandu Florea. plus an eight-page story from writer Tom Taylor as well as artist Pop Mahn, which has Aquaman as well as Mera teaming-up to stop Lex Luthor from drilling into the ocean floor. Hmm.

Reprint material: “Throne of Atlantis chapter 2”, from Aquaman #15 (2013); “The opponent of My Enemy”, from Mera: Queen of Atlantis #3 (2017); and, “Blood of the Manta: chapter 1” from teen Titans #9 (2018).


History of the marvel world – Treasury edition Javier Rodriguez cover

History of the marvel world – Treasury edition — This collects the entire recent six-issue history of the marvel world comic book series into a 232-page paperback. There are two covers: The direct Market Cover is by Javier Rodriguez (who pencilled the entire series). Steve McNiven (and potentially others) provide the cover for the book Market Edition. mark Waid is the writer as well as perhaps one of the few people left in the market who understands this stuff inside as well as out, in spite of often being called “that DC Guy…”. perhaps this will be the job that lastly modifications people’s minds about that… It likewise sez right here that “this is a new tale featuring previously unknown tricks as well as shocking revelations, linking lots of threads from Marvel’s past as well as present!” ‘Nuff Said!

Gwen Stacy #2

Gwen Stacy #2 (of 5) — things aren’t going so great for Gwen (despite her new solo title). Her dad is hurt as well as hospitalized, in addition to being implicated in corruption charges. So, of program her plan is to cross the Crimemaster — or worse! By Christos N. Gage as well as Todd Nauck, with a genuine good-lookin’ cover by Adam Hughes!

Marvels Snapshot: Sub-Mariner

Marvels Snapshot: Sub-Mariner — The beginning of a series of specials that show off Marvel’s biggest characters — from the golden Age to today! This very first problem starts strong with a story of Marvel’s debut superstar: prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Written by very popular novelist as well as Emmy Award-winning TV writer Alan Brennert (L.A. legislation as well as great deals more!), as well as illustrated by superstar artist Jerry Ordway (Superman titles, All-Star Squadron, dilemma on infinite Earths). In 1946, the boys are back from WWII, however unfortunately, they haven’t left the battlefields behind. When reporter Betty Dean as well as Namor reunite at Palisades Park (I question if those old comic book clip-out tickets to Palisades Park are still good?), they soon discover themselves under attack! likewise guest stars the All-Winners Squad! This job is curated by Marvels writer Kurt Busiek (Astro City), as well as the series will have covers by Marvels artist Alex Ross. There will be a overall of eight Snapshot Specials over the next four months. (That’s a new problem of marvel Snapshot every two weeks!)


Cable #1

KC CARLSON — Oh, yeah, there’s a new cable #1 this week also. Does anybody really care? Not counting paperbacks & hardcover collections, there have been at least 18 comic book titles with “Cable” in the logo. (Somehow they’ve never done cable & Gwen Stacy.) Who’s buying all these comics? Cable’s Mom? I must be missing something…

WESTFIELD COMICS is not accountable for the stupid things that KC says. particularly that thing that truly irritated you. Oh, great, now I’ve ticked cable off… It was poor sufficient when Ambush Bug was trying to kill me… Hmmm… cable as well as Ambush Bug #1!!! The new #1 crossover hit of 2020!!!