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Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet volume 8: Supernova


Kazu Kibuishi’s critically acclaimed fantasy series finally gets a September 2018 release date for Amulet volume 8: Supernova!

Neil Gaiman will be overseeing a line of Sandman universe comics beginning with a one-shot in August!

Also in August, DC Comics will launch an “Elseworld-esque” imprint called Black label that will launch with Superman Year One by Frank Miller as well as John Romita Jr., Batman: Last Knight on Earth, from Scott Snyder as well as Greg Capullo as well as wonder woman Historia: The Amazons by Kelly sue DeConnick as well as Phil Jimenez!

June will see a Black Panther spinoff , Wakanda Forever, a 3-part series of one-shots which features the Dora Milaje as they encounter Spider-Man, The X-Men as well as The Avengers!

Spinning out of the events of DC’s present metal event, June will see the release of a new Hawkman #1 by writer Robert Venditti as well as artist Bryan Hitch!

June will likewise see DC releasing an all-new Plastic man #1 (of 6) by the Birds of Prey team of Gail Simone as well as Adirana Melo! However, it will not tie-in to his appearance in the present Terrifics comic.

This October, Pantheon books will be publishing Marvelocity, an art book focusing on Alex Ross’ artwork done for marvel Comics, which will include a never-been-published sketches and, a new 10-page story pitting Spider-Man against the Sinister six written as well as drawn by Ross!

Due the popularity as well as acclaim given last year’s DC Comics/Hanna-Barbera mashup one-shots, DC is doing four much more of ’em the last week of May, including Aquaman/Jabberjaw, Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey, The Flash/Speed Buggy as well as very Sons/Dynomutt!

Marvel is helping to promote the release of the upcoming Ant-Man/Wasp film with the June release of 7 of their favorite Ant-Man/Giant-Man as well as Wasp traditional stories in their true Believers $1.00 reprint books!