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Your Recommender: beloved Smith

by beloved Smith

I depend on my friends. I depend on those whose work I admire. Their word is the very best advertising. When it pertains to pop culture, it’s normally our buddies that we turn to discover out what’s new, what’s neat/cool/groovy/awesome. this week I’ve asked a few of my a lot of trusted as well as closest innovative buddies to suggest something they like/love/find useful.

Submitted for your approval…..

Michael Mayne as well as Lora Innes Recommending great Stuff!

The fantastic War: A solid, quickly digestible docu-series on world war 1, relaying crucial events week by week as they occurred 100 years back to date. best for history nerds as well as those that just recognize WWI may have been an underwhelmingly fleeting discussion in their formative education… as well as it’s all free! Link:

Michael Mayne

Creator, writer as well as artist of Bonnie Lass


Heroes & icons suggested by Bobby Nash

There are a number of cord channels that fill their routine with shows from yesteryear as well as we like that we can discover episodes of The Avengers, star Trek, physician Who, The A-Team, The Twilight Zone, Miami Vice, as well as oh so much a lot more on them. MeTV, Cozi TV, Antenna TV, as well as decades Binge have all been great locations to enjoy some truly awesome TV. Now, Heroes & icons has been added to that list.

If there was ever a channel that was programmed ideal out of my head, H&I is it. 6 days a week, they play All star Trek, that’s 1 episode of each star trip series as well as on Sundays, the animated series is likewise shown. In addition to morning westerns, afternoon authorities detectives, Hercules, Xena, as well as Saturday’s super-hero line up, Heroes & icon is a fantastic channel.

Learn a lot more about Heroes & icon at 

Bobby Nash

Writer @ Large


Hell Or High Water suggested by Dwayne Turner

Hell or High Water

This is one of my preferred films from last year. I believe it is special since of the fantastic composing as well as direction. films such as this don’t come along extremely often. When they do we requirement to support them.

Dwayne Turner

Artist, Filmmaker, Director, Storyboard artist on Spectral, Alice with The Looking Glass, Tron, The Jungle Book, Enders Game.

Keep an eye open for my short film which I will debut this year.


Here’s an remarkable bit gadget that every guitar-playing artist can utilize when they requirement to take a those much-needed breaks from long hours at the drawing desk to rest their eyes as well as brain as well as flex their repetitive movement strained knuckles: the DIGITECH TRIO+ . just plug this on-demand band-in-a-box between your guitar as well as your desk-side method amp, set the dial to the tune style that you want, as well as strum the fundamental chords to your song. The Trio+ hears the chords as well as adds corresponding bass as well as drum parts! It’s the second-most fun a person can have for under $300! link:

Timothy Truman

Writer, Artist, Musician.

Timothy’s website:


I suggest great buddies – seems melodramatic, however it is true – without you, as well as Chuck Dixon, I would be even a lot more useless than I am – as well as you have most likely kept me from going to jail a couple times! beyond that, my normal lame jokes – great vodka, etc. I’m useless! however I look ahead to the suggestions from you as well as your innovative upper-crusters! I likewise suggest aspiring artists seek out the work of Michael Golden, Jim Steranko, as well as the terrific Wally Wood.

Flint Henry

Find Me On Facebook

Artist-Manbat, Grimjack, person Gardner Warrior, legislation Dog, McFarlane Toys.


This Is England suggested By Dominique Provost-Chalkley

This is England (TV Show) – Directed by Shane Meadows, this tiny series provides you a genuine insight into working class Britain in this gripping, gritty British Drama. The 3 seasons span 1986, ’88 as well as ’90 as well as the performances are a few of the very best I have ever seen on TV.

Very inspiring, absolutely heart breaking as well as absolutely worth a watch!

Overnight Oats:

Super easy, very yummy, extremely healthy breakfast recipe for any individual who is hectic as well as has bit time in the morning.

As an actress we frequently have extremely early mornings as well as well… I like my bed – So, this recipe indicates I can prepare it the night before. Takes less than 5 minutes to prep as well as takes delicious!

Dominique Provost-Chalkley

Actress. singer Plays Waverly Earp on the SyFy hit TV series Wynonna Earp.


New Holland Tractor suggested by Gary Kwapisz

It was a gorgeous day right here as well as I just got in from working on a stonewall. I don’t understand what I’d do without my new Holland tractor with its front end loader to gather the huge stones as well as then step them around. however if I weren’t doing P90 x I wouldn’t be moving stones at all, so without both of them no stone walls.

Gary Kwapisz

Artist/Writer . Stonewall’s Arm, Moon Knight, savage Sword Of Conan, The Punisher, lost as well as Found, B’Wana Beast, Hawkworld.

And coming shortly…


Photo Books: produce your own picture book from iPhoto. all of us take hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures a year as well as the mainly stay on your phone or computer. I have two problems with this…

I have re-occuring headache that my computer accidents or is stolen as well as I lose all my pictures from the past years.

I like checking out photographs, like when at house as well as mommy pulled out a box of old pictures from her childhood. You discover household at dinner, poor out of focus photos, a pet dog in a dress, pictures with all the people’s heads cut off, my uncle pulling my mom’s hair as kid, as well as photo of person in a top hat smoking a pipe in shorts, gown tee shirt in a rocking chair on a deck as well as nobody understands who he is or why we have his photo.

I have discovered a option I can not online without: picture BOOKS. I utilize the Apple version that is the iPhoto program, however there are a number of others out there. as well as since I don’t have time, as well as do like strange conversation starting pictures, I group my pictures by year as well as decrease them all in 1 huge book as well as send it off to print.

You can edit yourself, only choosing the “perfect” photo or… you can decrease them all in. The ones with somebody with one eye half closed, or the household photo with the 3-year-old blurred as well as running out of frame, or a photo of some random people you for some reason have on your phone from a late night out after Comic-Con.

I can photo myself with my youngsters in 20 years looking back on our photobook from 2017, making fun our clothes, exactly how much hair daddy utilized to have, as well as our trip to skiing. who understands where my computer or digitally saved pictures will be in 20 years… however I understand where my book will be, on the bookshelf next to Locke & crucial volume 1!

Robbie Robbins

EVP/Sr. graphic Artist

Co-Founder of IDW Publishing

Letterer Of Wynonna Earp



Scrivener is a script composing software application that was established with writers in mind. My preferred function is the cork board view, which enables you to see descriptions of every scene as well as chapter on a notecard so you can see your story all at once. Anything you reorganize on the cork board is immediately showed in the script. I keep the scripts for the entire The Dreamer series in one paper (that’s six graphic novels!) as well as it’s a breeze to discover what I need. I even have a folder for research, as well as a folder for unused scenes ideal within my document. Scrivener comes preloaded with templates for both screenplays as well as comic book scripts.

Lora Innes

Writer/Artist designer of The Dreamer

Artist of Wynonna Earp


Serial app suggested by Ted Adams

Serial App. A complimentary iOs app that delivers traditional literature to you on a everyday basis. You select the book as well as when a day you get 8 to 15 minutes of the book to read. considering that downloading it last summer, I’ve read: criminal offense & Punishment, The Pickwick Papers, Dracula, The road (London, not McCarthy), The Shunned House, The Lodger, My guy Jeeves, as well as Confessions of an English Opium Eater. the time I utilized to mindlessly spend checking out Twitter, I now spend reading traditional works of literature.

Ted Adams

CEO & publisher of concept as well as style Works

@idwpublishing |


The novels of Micheal McDowell, the author behind films like Beetlejuice , The headache before Christmas as well as Dark Shadows, McDowell was an underrated novelist who penned a slew of paperback gothic horror ( as well as a lot more under a number of pseudonyms ) before Hollywood came calling . I can’t suggest his work a lot more highly.

Dan Brereton

Writer/Artist/Painter/Creator of The Nocturnals


Gerber Shard suggested by beloved Smith

Gerber Shard: finest keychain multi-tool in the world. I utilize it everyday, from opening beer bottles, boxes, as well as tightening the screws on my screen door as well as the lives of those that wrong me. It’s something I would discover difficult to do without. Under $10.00 too!

Beau Smith

Creator & writer Of Wynonna Earp


MANNIX suggested by John K. Snyder III

Reruns of MANNIX on the Me-TV network. just started up with season one where Mannix(Mike Connors) is working for high-tech(circa 1967) detective company Intertect.

Once season two kicks in, he goes solo,assisted by Peggy Flair(Gail Fisher).

Guaranteed body count quite much every episode.

John K.Snyder III

Writer/Artiist/Painter/Creator of fashion In Action


Kent Comb suggested by Tim Rozon

No appropriate mustache sporting guy must ever be without this gem. exact same mechanics as a switchblade knife as well as yet delicate sufficient to tame the wildest of staches. It’s portable as well as discrete as well as I like its vintage look.

Tim Rozon

Actor (Doc Holliday on SyFy hit TV series Wynonna Earp)

Writer Of Wynonna Earp Legends: Doc Holliday


There you go. I hope that within these stout suggestions from these extremely innovative people you’ll discover some new product that you will want to include in your innovative lifestyle.

Submitted for your approval,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch