Henry Cavill is an interesting figure in the DC extended Universe, because he both is and isn’t their Superman. despite being agnostic about the Snyder Cut, Cavill was the only cast member of Justice league on hand for the announcement that Zack Snyder’s Justice league will debut on HBO Max. Still, it feels like that phase of the DCEU is over. Ben Affleck stopped being the Batman for deeply personal reasons. Yet, their Superman doesn’t want to go anywhere. That’s why it’s dismaying to see Henry Cavill seemingly deny the current rumors about his tenure as Superman.

At the end of May, a report broke in all the Hollywood trades that Cavill would play Superman again in the DCEU. The reports said that his deal was unique. He wouldn’t get his own solo film, but rather he’d appear in other characters’ DCEU movies, like The Flash. following that, a report hit that Michael Keaton would play Batman again in the Flash movie. Similarly, his deal reportedly includes appearances in other films, as an older, mentor figure to the young heroes.

If both of these things are true, it opens up a number of exciting ways Superman and Batman could be used in the DCEU. They could be at odds or working as partners against some kind of larger threat. It would also allow them to make use of the multiverse in buy to tie together not just the films, but the TV shows, the cartoons, and the comics as all part of one large shared universe. (In fact, this seems to be what the DC FanDome event is all about.)


Yet, if I’m reading Cavill’s answer correctly, the whole “Superman” side of this equation might not be what we thought it was.

It only seems like Henry Cavill denied the Rumors about continuing as Superman

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The source for this comes from an interview Cavill did on a podcast, mostly focused on his impending departure to Europe for filming on The Witcher season 2. Yet, the interviewer did ask about Superman. Now, as any fan knows, these negotiations and upcoming projects are secrets. actors often have to outright lie. Ewan McGregor lied for years about being in active negotiations with Lucasfilm to return as Obi-wan Kenobi. So, it’s possible that Cavill’s denial is not as straightforward as it seems.

While the interviewer asks him directly if he’ll done the cape and tights again, he frames it as a discussion about rumors. So, that’s what the actor focuses on, skirting past whether or not he’ll play the role again.

As Cavill told Variety:

“The amount of speculation, the stuff I read on the Internet, is amazing and often frustrating. It’s when you see people stating stuff as fact. Like, ‘No, that’s not the case. That hasn’t happened, and that conversation isn’t happening.’ but the crucial thing is that people are ecstatic about it, and I think it’s crucial to be ecstatic about a character like Superman. Superman is a wonderful character. If people are chatting about it, and even if they’re making stuff up, it’s okay, because that indicates they want to see the character again. and in an optimal world, I would absolutely love to play the character again.”

Wait, Did Henry Cavill deny the Rumors He will Still Be Superman In the DCEU?

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Cavill’s answer is very good, at least from a “protecting studio secrets” perspective. He speaks about the rumor mill generally, and there have been many rumors. There was the time Michael B. Jordan was supposedly in talks to play a new Superman. James Gunn revealed DC would have let him reboot Superman if he’d wanted to. annually (at least) there has been some definitive report that Cavill is made with the character for good.

Cavill typically said that he still wants to play Superman, dating back to at least SDCC 2019. When asked by the interviewer if he ever wanted to comment anonymously to refute the rumors, Cavill said he’s been “very tempted” but made a decision against it. “When it’s about Superman, and if I’m representing Superman, it just feels like the wrong thing to do,” he said, adding, “I’m just going to let this all play out.”

So, it’s not a certain denial that he’s in talks to resume the role in the way that the current report described. However, it’s not the kind of non-answer that one gives when a deal is done. So, if “these conversations” are happening, Cavill is certainly not at liberty to say. The answer is vague enough that Henry Cavill was able to deny some Superman rumors without necessarily denying them all. but if “these conversations” is a reference to the current rumored deal negotiations, it sounds like they aren’t actually happening.

Still, at least will see him (and maybe the black suit) in Zack Snyder’s Justice league when it debuts on HBO Max in 2021.

What do you think? Do you think Cavill will return as Superman? will it before his own film or will be appear as a guest-star in other DC films? Share your theories and hopes with us in the comments below!